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After six years of collaborating closely with local artisans to design contemporary furniture and functional art, 'THOC' is a new venture focused on handbag design that is separate from COTH studio but shares the same objectives. Our design is motivated by our background in architecture, which combines meticulous attention to detail with consideration for sustainability, the environment, and the history and traditions of the craftspeople involved. We try to incorporate rustic yet modern elements into our works. Previously, our decorative products served as an illustration of our values and way of life. But today, we adore using lifestyle products to express our identities and attract audiences with similar interests. 



Bare is our first collection that puts the prior behind-curtained structure of the spun bamboo technique to the light. The spun bamboo technique is traditionally considered a low-cost method for making the interior structure of traditional Lanna lacquerware. However, this bag series removes the heavy coating of lacquer to reveal the underlying beauty of bamboo texture. 


By collaborating with Pha Soi - the descendent of the first family of spun bamboo artists of Sri Pan Krua village in Chiangmai, Thailand - we honour the natural markings and texture of the materials and method, as well as its unadulterated structure. Each bag is individually hand-sculpted into an architectural form, layer by layer, and is then finalised by employing local smokeless incineration knowledge to transform the leftover bamboo into charcoal powder. This powder was then utilised to fill the void as a natural colour and eco-base. The surface was then sanded by hand and refined with leather. 


We hope it will become your new natural, attractive, timeless, and classic everyday bag.

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