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The exhibition shows the work and the story of the workshop activities that arise from the need to deliver and pass on the knowledge of our parents- an elderly person who has accumulated unique life-experience tricks and secrets- along with questioning the new possibilities and roles for that knowledge in today's context.


The workshop has picked up 4 interesting traditional Lanna knowledge (Ta Leaw, Lanna Lanterns, Traditional Perfume, Folk Music) from 4 talented seniors who are skilled in each subject. They will pass on their techniques, method based on their experience together with 4 selected creative designers from Chiang Mai who will come to help as an another mentor in the workshops. Participants will not only learn the traditional techniques, they will also be guided and inspired by people from two different generations and perspectives to help each participant draw on traditional techniques and transform them into contemporary designs based on the rich heritage and experience of that knowledge.


Chiang Mai Design Week 2021

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