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S I G H T    S O U  N D    S O U L


This is an atmosphere creation object which allows users with the mindset for basic principles of meditation. By adding pure natural sight and sound effect of water to the space creates peace and calmness within the user’s soul.


This design creates the environment that can be perceived in a mental and spiritual manner for people to meditate by only living in the space by playing with two human perceptions: sight and sound. Sight is the best perception of human inconscious level, whereas the sound can create audible perception which is almost entirely on thesubconscious level. Therefore, this design is to combine both strong tools -sight and sound - in order to touch deeply in people’s soul by using the beautiful effect of water to create the light and sound of the purely natural source.


Water Effect :  Sight - "ripple"   ,   Sound -  "dropping water"






Red Dot Design Concept Yearbook 2015/2016

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