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table organiser made of hand-shaped brass

S H A D I N G   O F  S C E N T


“Shading of Scent” is a collection of electric oil burner, which special surface coating helps this scent diffuser create a soft colour alteration at the time its temperature starts to evaporate essential oil.


Each piece is formed from brass or copper sheet, hammered by hand with traditional technique into a gentle crumpled form, and finally coated haft bottom part by normal and thermocromic colours in gradration. With this finish, coloured surface will gradually change its colour when it is starting to be warm from light. This shift of colours is not only change the ambience mood but it also makes people aware of the coming scent.


Consequently, “Shading of Scent” is both decorative and functional, which its relation between shape, material, colour and technique enhances the perception of scent in a sensitive and poetic way.

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