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P A P E R   B L O G 


In an age where everything moves fast, from machinery to the digital world, we have increasingly distanced ourselves from something called “handmade paper”. Although handmade paper seems to be far from our modern routines, its legend and knowledge have not been wiped out. Rather, handmade paper has been shaped in a more determined way.


The exhibition “PAPER BLOG” presents the stories of two legendary handmade paper entrepreneurs in the northern region, illustrating how the craft of handmaking paper not only continues but also gives value in this modern age. The exhibition narrates the stories of each entrepreneur and their perspectives regarding the direction of modern handmade paper by tracing each product’s process from invention to development over the course of each entrepreneur’s life.


Beyond just showcasing the potential of Thai handmade paper, this exhibition aims to demonstrate that the age of advancing technologies do not necessarily require the rejection of handcrafting. Rather, development can even increase the value of craftsmanship, as machine-made and digital products often fail to provide the unique qualities of handmade products.


Chiang Mai Design Week 2020

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