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The Earth’s environment is greatly impacted by human activity in this era of the Anthropocene.  From governments to consumers, we are becoming more conscientious with our activities and considering better sustainable ways to maintain our way of life while also protecting the environment.  Choosing a more sustainable solution, on the other hand, is a more expensive and sophisticated method today, thus it is often overlooked or forgotten.


Local Composites Project invited 10 selected designers from various fields to research locality and formulate new local composite materials that are easy, inexpensive, sustainable, and locally supplied in order to address this issue and offer a practical approach to start for the local people. In order to create for more sustainable materials, the ten designers included in this show studied important ideas including revival, ephemeral, long-lasting, and design ecology and reinterpreted sustainability in a variety of ways.  Although this project cannot offer a perfect solution, we hope that it will serve as a catalyst and an accessible repository of knowledge.


There are two sections to the exhibition. The display space is surrounded by experiment pieces and diaries detailing each designer’s journey in studying each new material. The book will describe the process, idea, and approach used to create each piece of material. The center of the exhibition space is dedicated to the ten vases created in a sawdust yard using those ten experimental materials.  It aims to illustrate figuratively how those vases, which were created with an eco-centric viewpoint, resemble nature and the soil that sustains plants.


Chiang Mai Design Week 2022


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