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K E E P   I T   O P E N



Keep it Open is a Learning Space designed for TOA Colour Design Award 2015 with the aim of creating a new environment that allows people to be open-minded and see things in different aspects – using their own creativity.


TOA paint co.,ltd. is a local paint manufacturer in Thailand. To most people, TOA paint is an old-school house paint which is opaque and permanent. However, we want to challenge that old perception by introducing a new perspective to TOA paint which is also transparent and capable of being blended like a colour powder.


We started our project by conducting some research and experiments for various options. Finally, dot coating on glass came to our interest since we can random density with different dot’s sizes and gaps between each dot. Consequently, the transparency can make all the   colours (eight colours) blend together which creates more shades of colour when the glasses overlap. In addition, it creates amazing graphic patterns whenever the angle of overlapped glasses is changed.


Our design transforms an empty space of 5x5 sq.m to become a colourful powder playground with 8 pivot glass doors coated with different shades of colours. Visitors who want to go inside the space have to rotate a pivot door whose angle will change for each rotation. As a result, the overlapping of each door creates plenty of new shades of colours as well as beautiful graphic patterns that will gradually change when there is some movement within the area. Accordingly, those who visit, or just walk pass this space will enjoy a new experience of seeing new colours that occur everytime.





Finalist : TOA COLOR DESIGN AWARDS 2015 with Wallpaper*





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