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H O L D - M O L D


This candle holder collection is our manifestation from an intention to push the limitation of traditional bronze casting product out of just a buddha statue.


After we conducted a research in traditional bronze casting, we found an interest in the fascination of the imperfection along the molding process that makes each piece have its own unique individuality, and value. Instead of getting rid of imperfection and trying to make process more perfect like industrial molding process, we rather focus on the value of imperfection that the process causes.


Therefore, we explored on the clay because the clay mold is the key that make this traditional process has a value, or in other word ‘imperfection’. So instead of removing clay after firing, we tried to find the way that two different materials (ceramic and bronze) make sense to be together. 


We did experiment various approaches and see the effects that they caused before developing into final products. For instance, changing the ratio of clay, the position of clay and so on.




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