E R  A - L E S S


Patina is normally regarded as a mark of time on copper and brass. However, this unique surface becomes necessity for only antique products, and acts as a prohibition for new and modern design.


Consequently, instead of seeing patina as flaw or ruin, we explored patina as a natural narrative effect which creates a notion of time and authenticity.


We developed the technique and chemical formula of making Patina in more colours, and used design to draw unexpected links between aging in search for timelessness, Era-less is a collection of containers creating a new sensitive touch of time, material and value.


S : 115 x 115 x 118 mm.

M : 115 x 115 x 132 mm.

L  : 152 x 152 x 190 mm.

© 2021 by COTH studio

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