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table organiser made of hand-shaped brass



BUA is a collection of containers available in five sizes. It was inspired by a long history and a great individuality of ‘Bat’ or monk's alms-bowl, which has continuously declined due to the introduction of factory. By collaborating with a small community of skilled artisans in Bangkok, Thailand called ‘Banbatt’, we display not only a local skill and a wisdom of the olden days but also unveil its hidden perspectives regarding Buddhist doctrine through contemporary language of design.


The meaning of its original name as Klip-Bua or petals of lotus has been developed further than just the pieces of metal that are held together for a bowl, but extended to mean that each bowl can be combined together. Therefore, these series of metal can be used individually or placed together which in turn creates a beautiful lotus-inspired set. In addition, we decided to reinterpret the normal approach of colouring a metal by emphasizing the importance of continuous movement instead of creating stability. By coating with patina and thermochromics colours, the users can enjoy  variation of colours on the surface through their activities such as heat from the candle and coldness from the water. These visualized effects, more importantly, will catch the user’s attention with the underlying doctrine of Buddhism – change and alteration.


Bua is an invitation that allows users to intuitively and poetically immerse themselves in a Thailand’s Buddhist history and culture in a contemporary context.


The Winner : Innovative Craft Award 2017 (ICA)

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